Bad sport! And ironing! 

So some people may call me tight, but I am definitely not. I love footy, and support two teams. Number one, is my beloved Spurs, what with me coming from good Tottenham stock, have stood on the terraces since a boy so will support them till the day I die, that’s just the way it is. But since moving to the wonderful county of Suffolk sixteen years ago, I have gradually been drawn to Ipswich Town FC, to the point where Linda and I now have a season ticket. So tonight both of my teams were in action. Spurs at home to the Arsenal scum, and Ipswich away to Man United, ready for a giant killing. Both my teams lost!  Both out of the League Cup. My reason for being accused of being tight? Both of my teams play in dark blue and white, so one scarf suits both! 

Spent a lot of time washing and ironing the last few days. You see, we are going on holiday soon, so I thought I would freshen up our underwear at least. Was talking to a friend today, who knows that I have to do all of the ironing, and I told them a little secret. I told her that when I iron Linda’s clothes, I only iron the front. Think about it? Linda is in a wheelchair all of the time, so no one ever sees the back of her clothes, so why iron the back? Our friend was shocked, but then thought about it for a while, and then started laughing, and finally agreed that I was quite right. 

Now being tortured by the recording of the live Coronation Street special. With story lines like that, is it any wonder that they sacked the producer this week? Give me strength. But Linda is happy, so I should be thankful. Good night all, xx.


Lazy day.

Sometimes  it’s nice to be lazy, a bit like the Bruno Mars Lazy Song, where he sings, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything ” while surrounded by his friends very suspiciously dressed as monkeys.dont we all have friends like that? 

Now of course , as a full time carer, there are certain things that have to be done, I can never, ever, ever have a day off. But on a lazy day, I sometimes get tempted to drive Linda in her wheelchair in to a corner….then disconnect the battery, hehe, it might just work! 

But today I have had a seriously hard day, and I didn’t really see it coming. So what went wrong you wonder? Since lunch there have been 3 televised Rugby World Cup games, 3 Premier League footy matches, plus a Grand Prix!! What is a man to do? The remote control, the live pause button and the record facility have had to be used with pinpoint accuracy and planning and I feel exhausted. But its mission accomplished with a rugby game on live now, and the Grand Prix for later. 

One thing I did for a couple of hours this morning though, was to plan our radio show. Yes, I am a presenter on local radio, namely Felixstowe Radio on 107.5 FM for locals, or you can listen on line. Linda is my co presenter, and we have a really good laugh. Loads of great tunes, a quiz and lots of fun is what the show is all about, so why not give it a try. Monday at 2pm till 4pm.

Just putting the final touches to a traditional roast chicken dinner, and about to open a chilled bottle of Peroni, so time to reconnect Linda’s battery and check if she is OK. Downton Abbey is back tonight don’t forget, so I hope you all have a lovely evening.

Neil, x.

A trip to the BBC

Good morning playmates, sun blazing down here at the Suffolk seaside….yet it’s raining, how odd. Soon be making my way to the wonderful people at BBC Radio Suffolk to take part in my regular slot as one of presenter Mark Murphy’s “Grumpy Old Gits”. Yes, even the BBC think that I am grumpy, how rude! A very tongue in cheek look at life through the eyes of 3 grumpy old Gits who should probably be in a care home somewhere. You can listen in on line, have a good laugh, it’s what you need. Stand in presenter Mark Matthews is in the chair today…….poor bugger. BBC Radio Suffok, Mark Murphy show at 11am til midday.

This is gonna get messy! 

Now as a carer for a person who is totally wheelchair bound and needs hoisting, it is surprising what I have to do for Linda. But my latest challenge if filling me with trepidation to put it mildly. Thanks to our generally excellent NHS, all British people are offered bowel Cancer screening when you pass 60. No, I don’t mean 60 mph in your car, I mean 60 years of age. Excellent, I think, until I find out what’s involved. A little kit, which has 6 little sticks which you use to get a little poo sample and smear on to a special surface. My problem is, that this kit is for Linda! I have got to play a grown ups version of Poo Sticks, and I am dreading it. Linda is finding it hilarious, and it has to be done on 3 different days! I am now checking my job description, but that is an unfortunate pun. Here we go then, lol.

Welcome to my blog.

Follow the weird and wonderful world of an award winning carer, as he takes on the world with fun, hilarity, and the odd tear or two(mainly tears of laughter I hope), as he cares for his long suffering wife. Linda has Multiple Sclerosis, and has adopted me as her minder, servant, gopher and a few other titles which are not printable. Most of what I will tell you will have hilarious results, so hold on for the ride….and be afraid, very afraid!